After what can only be described as an unprecedented season of Denver Nuggets basketball, two-time MVP and Finals MVP Nikola Jokic was once again the magazine’s choice for its latest cover. The December issue has traditionally highlighted the year in review, and Jokic and the Nuggets certainly provided local fans with a ride never before taken.

“There were several options we considered to grace this month’s cover – Nikola Jokic and Deion Sanders being the front runners,” said Doug Ottewill, the publications editor-in-chief. “But I think when the story of sports in Colorado is told years from now, there’s only going to be one ‘first’ Denver Nuggets NBA championship run. And Nikola Jokic is undeniably the face of that story.”

In addition to the cover, Jokic and the Nuggets provide the subject of the issue’s primary feature, which examines the team’s and Jokic’s place in history. A profile on Sanders and the Buffs, as well as on Cherry Creek baseball coaching legend Marc Johnson, round out the magazine’s full slate of features. An exclusive interview with local radio host Darren McKee also provides an insightful look at the local sports radio landscape.

Perhaps the signature of the magazine is the cover itself, a one-of-a-kind illustration of Jokic portrayed as the Joker character from the Batman series. Nick Heckman, Mile High Sports’ art director, created the image as a unique piece of art that ultimately transformed the cover.

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