There has been no shortage of accusations thrown at us here at Mile High Sports over the past week for being “Peyton Manning conspiracy theorists.” Just check out any one of James Merilatt’s columns assessing (what he sees as) the increasing rift between Manning and the Broncos front office. But with each passing day, there seems to be more and more signs pointing to that reality.

On Sunday, Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio, appearing on NBC’s Football Night in America, somewhat casually let slip a comment about Manning that sent shockwaves across Broncos Country.

Florio put the comments in print later.

At least one well-known local observer took it as a tacky move by Manning, if he (or his camp) did indeed let that information out with the belief that Florio would run with it on Sunday’s show. If that’s the case, we’d have to agree.

In fairness, the comment came and went without any added explanation, so there’s no way of knowing exactly when that information might have been shared, or why Florio ran with it at the time he did.

It’s very possible that Manning (or a source speaking on his behalf) shared his intentions with Florio months ago. Maybe even after the alleged trade talk (that both the Broncos and Manning say never happened) transpired in the offseason. Or it could have come this week, as Manning was held out of team meetings and didn’t travel with the team (to focus on his recovery). And it very well could have come on the heels of Denver’s big win over Green Bay. The point is, Florio didn’t clarify. But the references to Manning’s health, not to mention Brock Osweiler’s win on Sunday, suggest that the information came some time within the last week.

Whenever “the source” might have shared these feelings with Florio, the “announcement,” and the timing of it’s “release,” is already taking some of the luster off Brock Osweiler‘s big win, on his birthday, no less.

It’s a shame, as the move will no doubt further complicate things at Dove Valley in the days leading up to Denver’s most important game of the year – a Week 12 date with the undefeated Patriots (who must first beat Buffalo on Monday night). The Denver Broncos fanbase is already starting to divide over its quarterbacks; this was the last thing Denver needed with such a big game looming.

In the offseason, Manning added a no-trade clause to his restructured contract, but this report by Florio makes it seem like Manning’s not fully committed to making things work in the long-term with the Broncos, and perhaps that the Broncos feel the same way, as Merilatt has suggested. Manning is owed $21.5 million next year, per Spotrac, but only $2.5 million of that would be a dead cap hit – the bonus he received for a restructured deal. With nine touchdowns and 17 interceptions through nine games, it’s hard to imagine too many teams wanting to pick up such a hefty tab for such limited productivity.

A permanent move from Manning to Osweiler could be coming sooner than later, as Ian Rapoport said a source within the organization suggested. Speaking of curious timing, the report from Rapoport came just a few hours before the Broncos and Bears kicked off at Soldier Field. Did the Broncos want this info out just before Osweiler’s big start? Are we the unwitting victims of a media chess match between the team and Manning?

Maybe we’re not so crazy here at Mile High Sports. That or we just love tinfoil hats.