Another MLB All-Star game has come and gone without any member of the Colorado Rockies doing anything significant. Nolan Arenado and Carlos Gonzalez were a combined 1-5 in the game, with Gonzalez getting the only base hit.

Season after season we try to vote players from the Rockies in the game and year after year the game is not impacted by Colorado players. The result of the game also has no impact on the Rockies since they have often been out of contention at this point during most seasons.

Colorado is not the only team that finds themselves in this position. Many teams out of contention send one or two players to the All-Star game who have little or no impact on the game.

The MLB needs to shake up the All-Star game. Fans should have a say regarding which player starts, but fans should not have the only say. The MLB should have a balanced system in which both the players and fans select All-Star starters. This would help eliminate players that should not be there and protect us from seeing one team represent an entire All-Star infield.

It is also time for the MLB to make the All-Star game an exhibition again. It is not right to award home-field advantage in the World Series to the winning league when it is mandated that every team needs to be represented.

WEEKEND DRIVE LIVE STREAMThis tweak was put in after a fluke tie in the All-Star game in 2002. This seemed to be a snap decision only made to calm down everyone that was up in arms about the tie. It simply just doesn’t make sense that home-field advantage in the World Series can be determined by players that are out of contention.

If the Rockies had the best record in baseball right now, how would fans feel if someone from the Minnesota Twins hit a game-winning home run for the American League giving that league home field advantage in the World Series?

The MLB has already made changes to the Home Run Derby. It is time to modify the All-Star game and turn it back into an exhibition. If not, the players should have more of a say in regards to who plays, since home field advantage in the World Series is at stake.

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