The problem isn’t that the Denver Broncos are 0-4.

The problem is that there’s very little reason to watch them.

They’re not unwatchable. Just uninspiring.

And that’s not because they’re eliminated from the playoffs already. Of course, they’re still mathematically alive, no doubt, but this is a smart enough football town to know the difference between a team that can contend and one that can’t. And that’s okay, too – no team wins the Super Bowl every year.

Guess who else isn’t winning the Super Bowl this season? The Jacksonville Jaguars. Heck, they might not even make the playoffs.

That’s right. The Jags are tied for first in the AFC South. They’re also tied for last. At 2-2, like everyone else in the division, anything can happen. And there are two ways to look at Sunday’s win over the Broncos.

First, it was a great win. A come from behind win. A gutty effort on the road. Who knows? Maybe it was a springboard to a miracle season.

Or, the Jags barely beat the lowly, 0-4 Denver Broncos. By one point. On a last-second field goal. How good could they really be?

Realistically, what happens to Jacksonville from here on out probably lies somewhere between the two. And most anyone who knows the NFL can basically agree on that.

They’ll also agree that the Jacksonville Jaguars – a doormat of a franchise, a team that’s largely fallen off the national radar, a teal team that sold out so infrequently that ownership had to install tarps in areas to reduce capacity – are currently must-see TV.

And your Denver Broncos, one of the NFL’s historically premier organizations, are not.


How is that possible?

For starters, the Jags have Gardner Minshew. You and everyone else can’t, and won’t, take your eyes off that guy. He’s already the story of the year. And it’s not because he’s goofy. It’s because he’s good, and he’s got the goods. He’s got that intangible “it” factor, the stuff that allows him to magically turn a would-be sack into a mad, scrambling, throw-across-his-body first down.

And that’s something to watch.

Question: Who is the equivalent to Minshew in Denver? Who must you watch?

It doesn’t necessarily have to be a quarterback (although that always helps – see Elway, Tebow and Manning), but surely everyone can agree it’s not Joe Flacco (although his should/have-been-a-won touchdown drive on Sunday was impressive).

So, who is it?

Von Miller? Bradley Chubb? Emmanuel Sanders? Courtland Sutton? Phillip Lindsay?

Any of them could be. None of them have been. Whether that’s on them or their new head coach is both debatable and irrelevant, at least in this context. Whether or not they’ve been must-watch is pretty clear – they haven’t been.

Another way to look at it: What about the Broncos excites you? The coaching staff? The future? The O? The D?

Face it, there’s not much there.

A team that’s not winning needs something or someone – hope, talent, personality, excitement – to capture the imagination.

The Jags have Gardner Minshew. The Colorado Rockies have Nolan Arenado. The 8-8, 2011 Denver Broncos had Tim Tebow. Even Paul Westhead’s Denver Nuggets had a whacky idea.

Oh-n-4 is no good. But it’s also the least of the Broncos’ problems.

What do they have that excites you?

Your answer – or lack thereof – is the real problem.