Well, Nuggets fans, the time has come. The offseason is over, and the Denver Nuggets are grinding in Omaha, Nebraska for their annual training camp. There are a lot of headlines to keep an eye on, but three in particular are going to be critical for the future of the organization.

Check them out:

Who will get the Nuggets last roster spot?

There is only one roster spot remanning for the coming season, and two players will likely be battling for the last spot: JaKarr Sampson and Axel Toupane. While the Nuggets did sign a few more players to their training camp squad, Toupane and Sampson, who spent time on the roster last season, are the clear frontrunners.

Toupane knows how to play defense, something the Nuggets need help with and something that is a point of emphasis in Michael Malone’s scheme. He was one of the Nuggets’ best defenders in the Summer League and made strides during the regular season. The Nuggets need versatility at the three, especially with guys like Wilson Chandler and Danilo Gallinari at risk of injury. Toupane can guard almost every position effectively, but will need to show so in camp. His shot needs to improve as well if he wants to have a chance to nab the last spot.

JaKarr Sampson found some starting playing time during the course of last season, but will need to fight for a spot on the roster this year. He was another defensive-minded player for Malone. He was more of a cheerleader of sorts for the Nuggets; he did not score much, but brought energy to the court. Sampson was also used as a fill-in at the small forward position when Gallinari went down with injury. Sampson is full of energy and is a good teammate, all quality reasons as to why he should get the last spot.

Who will be the starting power forward?

This is probably the biggest headline heading into camp. In years past, Kenneth Faried was a slam dunk to earn the starting job, but this year is a little different. While Faried is still considered to be the favorite to nab the starting role, there are a few guys that will be breathing down his neck for the spot.

At media day, head coach Michael Malone said he hasn’t picked the team’s opening night power forward. Leaving the door open for guys like Wilson Chandler, Darrell Arthur or even Juancho Hernangomez to force their way into the conversations

There has been tension between Faried and the coaching staff in the past, and that could very well boil over into this season. The idea of running a lineup with Chandler and Gallo at the three and four is intriguing due to the fact that the team could space the floor better, leaving Faried’s energy to pack a punch off the bench, something that could be more effective for the Nuggs.

Likewise, Juancho impressed so much in Summer League that he forced the Nuggets to bring him overseas for the coming year. He can run and space the floor effectively. He can score and defend and has a positive attitude towards the game, all reasons for why the Nuggets drafted him to be the future of the position. While Juancho will have to do a ton of good work to earn the starting job, training camp is the perfect opportunity for him to prove why he is the future of the power forward position in Denver, and why he could be starting there in the near future.

At this point, it’s Faried’s job to lose. It’s up to him to enter his manimal state and prove he is worthy of starting for the Nuggets all season.

The guard rotations

This is going to be a big topic of discussion for the coming season. The Nuggets have a plethora of guards that all have different roles with the team and all need minutes.

Jamal Murray and Emmanuel Mudiay are the young guns who this franchise is building their core around. Whether they perform spectacularly or poorly, they’ll need to get their minutes.

Malik Beasley is somewhat similar, and he’ll see minutes every now and then, but his playing time will have to be earned.

Gary Harris and Will Barton are established guys in the rotation for this year. Following impressive seasons from both, the Nuggets know and love what they have with the two, so expect them to be present constantly in the new season.

Jameer Nelson will see valuable minutes as backup point guard. He will be the guy to come in and stop the bleeding when the going gets tough for the rookies, or when they get gassed.

Mike Miller is the team’s inbounding specialist and a mentor to the youngsters.

Bottom line is that the Nuggets have a lot of moving parts at the guard positions, and training camp should reveal a lot about how the Nuggets plan on using those guys in the coming year.

Opening night is October 26th.