What are we supposed to make of Trevor Siemian? Is he improving? Is he on the verge of self-destruction? Is he exceeding expectations? Is the anchor holding this offense back?

After the first half, it looked like all of the above could be true, but by the end of the fourth quarter, well … maybe the kid is pretty good?

He got off to a slow start, as the Broncos went three-and-out on their first drive. On their second drive, Siemian and the Broncos offense stalled out in opponent’s territory once again, frustrating Broncos Country.

A few drives later, though, and after a week’s worth of “complaining” from the Broncos’ wideouts, Siemian showed us something he’d yet to demonstrate through the first two weeks: a deep ball.

Up until that point, Siemian had only attempted two passes lerong than 20 yards down the field, but with that 41-yard bomb to Emmanuel Sanders, Siemian put the Broncos on top and silenced a few doubters — at least for the moment.

But it wasn’t all good news. While Siemian finished the first half with 144 yards, two touchdowns and zero interceptions, he had several passes that should have been picked off.

And when balls weren’t bouncing off defender’s chests, they were sailing over his receivers’ heads.

The Broncos entered halftime up two points, and the verdict was still very much out on Siemian.

Despite the inconsistent accuracy, he did manage to drive the ball down the field on a 10-play, 55-yard touchdown drive to close out the first half, hitting Emmanuel Sanders on a 7-yard out route for the duo’s second touchdown of the day.

Still, the argument could be made that the best part of the Broncos offense was the Cincinnati Bengals defense, as they continuously kept Denver on the field with defensive penalties.

In the second half, though, everything changed.

To close out the game, Siemian completed 10 of 11 passes for 168 yards and two touchdowns in the final two quarters and looked extremely impressive while doing so.

The Denver Broncos are now 3-0 and their second-year quarterback is coming off his first 300-yard, four-touchdown performance, and he accomplished it against a Bengals defense which has consistently been considered one of the best in the NFL over the last few seasons.

There were a lot of questions surrounding Siemian heading into his first career road game, and it’s hard to deny that he answered most of them.

Anytime a quarterback completes 66 percent of his passes for 312 yards and four touchdowns with a passer rating of 132.1, it’s hard not to be impressed.

That’s quite the achievement.