The Eagles soar, the Jets crash, and we have our third No. 1 team in three weeks in the X’s and O’s Show Week 4 Power Ranking (check out last week’s ranks here).

1. New England Patriots (2)

It doesn’t matter who plays QB for the Patriots, they roll more decisively each week. If nothing else, it should be good theater this week with the brothers Ryan coming to town.

2. Denver Broncos (3)

Starting with their Week 15 win at Chicago last year, the Broncos have won nine straight games.

3. Minnesota Vikings (6)

Last week, Coach Randall said the Vikings were the third best team in football. Turns out, Coach Randall was right.

4. Kansas City Chiefs (9)

A serious argument can be made that the top five teams in this week’s Power Ranking are also the five best defenses in the league. The Chiefs’ defense has earned its way into the discussion.

5. Seattle Seahawks (10)

Took out some frustration on the 49ers. Lots of teams will take out their frustrations on the 49ers this year.

6. Philadelphia Eagles (21)

Okay, okay, you have our attention. We may have been a bit slow to the bandwagon, but the Eagles get their props this week after tearing apart last week’s No. 1. They jump 15 spots this week.

7. Pittsburgh Steelers (1)

They suffered their worst loss in 27 years in Philadelphia. The problems on defense are creeping back into view.

8. Cincinnati Bengals (5)

With a brutal early schedule, the Bengals will be eager to get some easier matchups. It starts Thursday with the 1-2 Dolphins.

9. Green Bay Packers (12)

For a half, the Pack looked like they were specifically trying to silence their critics on the X’s and O’s Show, and we indeed went quiet. But then they played the second half, allowing us to pipe up for at least another week.

10. Houston Texans (7)

It’s hard not to think that the Patriots exposed some things in their shutout of the Texans Thursday. Like the fact that the AFC South continues to be weak.

11. Carolina Panthers (4)

We suggested that Carolina might be the most physical team in the league. The Vikings begged to differ, bludgeoning and beating Carolina into submission.

12. New York Giants (15)

Here’s the thing with the NFC East: New York won in Dallas, Dallas won in Washington, and Washington won in New York. Eli Manning’s late INT’s doomed the Giants’ comeback attempt.

13. Dallas Cowboys (17)

There’s no doubting that the Cowboys are just fine at QB. We’re not ready to say they are better off with Dak Prescott than with Tony Romo, but they clearly haven’t lost much since the injury.

14. Arizona Cardinals (8)

Is it time for Cardinals fans to start worrying? In the last six games, the Cardinals have gone 2-4 with three blowout losses. We think that’s legitimate cause for concern.

15. Oakland Raiders (13)

They have done just enough to emerge 2-1 from an easy early schedule, but their performance has done nothing to quiet the critics. The much-maligned Del Rio defense made Marcus Mariota look awful in Nashville.

16. San Diego Chargers (16)

Another week, another season-ending loss for the Chargers. Manti Te’o joins Keenan Allen and Danny Woodhead on the IR, as San Diego’s season starts to unravel.

17. Indianapolis Colts (14)

They have yet to play a good game as a team, but a favorable schedule gives them a chance to make up some ground.

18. Baltimore Ravens (20)

Is there such a thing as a weak 3-0? Sure there is, and the Ravens have proven it. Combined record of their opponents is 1-8.

19. Atlanta Falcons (19)

Two road wins and a home loss to start the year. We are still waiting to see who the 2016 Falcons grow up to be.

20. Washington Redskins (31)

Is there any QB worse at clock management than Kirk Cousins? The Redskins QB seems unaware that there are game clocks that can be viewed by the players on the field. It looks like he’s just estimating how much time he has left.

21. Miami Dolphins (18)

They avoided a disastrous 0-3 start by the thinnest of margins. Now they travel to Cincinnati for TNF before four straight home games.

22. Los Angeles Rams (22)

Two gutsy wins following their season-opening flop in San Francisco.

23. New York Jets (11)

Ryan Fitzpatrick might be scarred for life by what the Chiefs did to him Sunday. 8 turnovers, 6 of them interceptions. Have fun dealing with the New York media now, Mr. Holdout.

24. Tennessee Titans (28)

If Marcus Mariota and the passing game can find some rhythm, this team could be ready to take a step up. The defense and running game are solid, but averaging 14 points a game won’t get it done.

25. Detroit Lions(21)

Matt Stafford continues to play up to a Pro Bowl level, just like Coach Reffel told us he would. But the defense was AWOL in the first half in Green Bay.

26. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (23)

Jameis Winston put up 400 yards passing, but it took him 58 throws to do it. Our suggestion to Dick Koetter is to NOT have your QB drop back 60 times against the Broncos this week.

27. Buffalo Bills (32)

Just when we had left the Bills for dead, they rack up 208 yards rushing in a beat down against the mercurial Cardinals. Signs of life out of Orchard Park.

28. San Francisco 49ers (25)

How odd that Week 1 game against the Rams looks now. The defense that shut out Los Angeles has surrendered an average of 41 points per game since.

29. New Orleans Saints (26)

The good news is that you can entirely spell out “New Orleans Saints” with absolutely no D whatsoever.

30. Jacksonville Jaguars (29)

The Jags have steadily worked their way down our Power Rankings. Can they challenge the Browns and Bears for a place in the basement? If you doubt it, you haven’t seen their first three games.

31. Cleveland Browns (30)

Another tough performance from the Browns, but with so little talent on the roster, they will have to be content with moral victories for the time being.

32. Chicago Bears (27)

The Monsters of the Midway are long gone. At least Chicagoans have the Cubs to distract them.