The Broncos climb into the top spot. But can they defy the Power Ranking Jinx? Plus, the Rams are on the rise and the Cardinals continue to tumble (Check out last week’s ranks here).

1. Denver Broncos (2)

Every single team to top the X’s and O’s Show Power Ranking has almost immediately lost. Will we jinx the Broncos by making them our fourth No. 1?

2. Pittsburgh Steelers (7)

The average margin of victory in Steelers games this season is 23 points. But only three of those results were victories.

3. Minnesota Vikings (3)

The Broncos of the NFC continue to get it done with a crushing defense. Can their offense keep up enough to make the Vikes contenders?

4. New England Patriots (1)

Tom Brady returns! Do you think it will take long for him to find a rhythm with the offense? Yeah, we don’t think so either.

5. Philadelphia Eagles (6)

The focus has been on Carson Wentz, and he has been terrific. But the real story might be the Jim Schwartz-led defense.

6. Seattle Seahawks (5)

Even on a bum ankle, Russell Wilson had no problem taming the Jets’ front seven. Having a sputtering Jets’ secondary to throw against helped a lot.

7. Cincinnati Bengals (8)

Their brutal early schedule continues with trips to Dallas and New England up next. They should be happy to endure this stretch with a 3-3 record. 

8. Atlanta Falcons (19)

They have scored 24, 35, 45, and 48 points. Matt Ryan threw for 503 yards against Carolina, with an incredible 300 of those to Julio Jones. Kyle Shanahan’s offense is hot and getting hotter by the week. What say you, No Fly Zone?

9. Green Bay Packers (9)

Aaron Rogers has been holding onto the ball too long and the offense was sputtering. The first half against the Lions showed some offensive progress, but the attack ground to a halt in the second half. Have they got things figured out after the bye week?

10. Oakland Raiders (15)

They have certainly had a soft schedule so far, but the Raiders already have three road wins a month into the season. Derek Carr has the offense making plays and the team is living up to the pre-season hype.

11. Houston Texans (10)

They already have a two-game lead in a division that might be the league’s worst. But will they be able to overcome the loss of JJ Watt? It’s time for Jadeveon Clowney to step up.

12. Los Angeles Rams (22)

The Rams have won three straight and are leading the NFC West. Now they welcome the suddenly resurgent Bills to Tinseltown.

13. Kansas City Chiefs (4)

If anyone can figure out the Chiefs, let us know. From game to game, or from half to half, no one knows who is going to show up. They have no running game whatsoever. Will Jamal Charles be healthy enough to change that?

14. Dallas Cowboys (13)

Their offensive line play continues to dominate, and Dak Prescott gets more confidence with each game.

15. Carolina Panthers (11)

The reeling Panthers have now lost 3 times as many regular season games as they did all of last year, and we’re still on Daylight Savings Time. They’re also two games back in a division they won by seven games a year ago.

16. New York Giants (12)

Their two wins have been by a combined four points. This team could honestly lose to anyone in the league right now.

17. Buffalo Bills (27)

No one has done more to cool his seat over the last two weeks than Rex Ryan. Dominating wins against the Cardinals and Patriots will do that.

18. Arizona Cardinals (14)

Bruce Arians’ club finds themselves at 1-3 with two home losses already. Last year, the Cardinals didn’t drop their second home game until the last game of the season, when they were resting their starters.

19. Baltimore Ravens (18)

The 3-1 Ravens have yet to have an impressive outing, but they are doing enough to at least beat the bad teams they’ve been playing.

20. Tennessee Titans (24)

The Titans brand of smashmouth keeps them in games, but their special teams keep them from getting any wins. 

21. Indianapolis Colts (17)

Nothing has gone right in Indianapolis. Make no mistake, Chuck Pagano may well be coaching for his job on Sunday vs. the Bears. A coach already on a hot seat can’t lose consecutive games to Jacksonville and Chicago and stick around.

22. New York Jets (23)

After Ryan Fitzpatrick threw three interceptions against the Seahawks, he likely went out and celebrated. After all, that was twice as good as his performance the previous game, when he had SIX picks!

23. San Diego Chargers (16)

If they protected the ball they’d be at least 3-1. This team is scary because they can play with anyone for 2-3 quarters. Denver plays the Chargers twice in three weeks later this month. Getting two wins will be a chore.

24. Washington Redskins (20)

It’s looking more and more like the Redskins will have to win 10-11 games if they want to defend their division crown, as both the Eagles and Cowboys rack up wins.

25. New Orleans Saints (29)

The offense continues to be fun to watch. But Drew Brees is looking more like Archie Manning every day: an exciting but aging quarterback entertaining the Saints’ faithful while the losses mount.

26. Miami Dolphins (21)

If the Dolphins season is to be salvaged, it must happen now. The team has four straight home games sandwiched around a bye, meaning the Dolphins won’t leave town again until Nov. 13. If they haven’t figured things out by then, they’re doomed. 

27. Jacksonville Jaguars (30)

The London Jaguars finally got a win against the hapless Colts. But can they win in this country?

28. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (26)

It’s bad enough that the Bucs lose, but now their losses have to be drawn out every time there is lightning around. Two straight weeks they’ve finished a home loss in front of an empty stadium.

29. San Francisco 49ers (28)

With Blaine Gabbert being Blaine Gabbert, we expect fans in San Francisco to start protesting, demanding that the Protester himself get the nod at QB. It can’t be any worse, can it?

30. Chicago Bears (32)

We think Chicagoans might decide they like watching someone other than Jay Cutler take snaps for the Bears. If Brian Hoyer can merely be average, the Cutler Era might be drawing to a close. 

31. Detroit Lions (25)

Jim Caldwell might want to start gathering boxes. Since their season-opening win in Indianapolis, the Lions have been as bad as any team in football.

32. Cleveland Brown (31)

The only winless team at the quarter mark. Now they get a rested and angry Tom Brady coming to town.