It is very important that the Denver Broncos and Von Miller come to an agreement on a long-term contract. It is important because it will not only impact the success of next season but also Denver’s future.

Denver offered Miller a six-year contract worth $114.5 million with $39.8 million guaranteed for the first two years. Miller turned the deal down because he wants much more guaranteed money.

Miller has a fair point. If he accepted the deal he would not even be the highest paid player at his position. Clearly, the Super Bowl MVP should be commanding a better contract.

The Broncos need to come to terms with their best player because he is the leader on defense, and they do not want to be giving out the impression that they are not taking care of their own.

Denver has been looked at as a great organization where free agents want to come. If the Broncos cannot come to terms with their best player and it keeps getting dragged through the media, it may make a negative impression on future free agents.

John Elway has always been a tough negotiator and his style has worked well so far. However, Elway needs to up the guaranteed money in the Miller contract offer. Elway does not want a reputation where players think they are getting a raw deal financially by playing for the Broncos.

Denver has inked some very financially friendly deals recently. Derek Wolfe was locked up long-term at a very reasonable price. Also, the Broncos got Russell Okung very cheap, taking advantage of the fact that Okung did not have an agent.

This is not a time that the Broncos should be trying to save money. Miller simply took over the AFC Championship game and Super Bowl 50. Denver needs Miller’s presence on defense and will have little chance to repeat as champions if he is gone.

It is not every day that a Super Bowl winning team cannot reach a financial agreement with their best player the following season. It would not look good to potential free agents to see Miller walk away from the Broncos. If a star free agent is choosing between multiple teams including Denver, this type of situation may cause the player to go elsewhere because of financial concerns. Also, it is easier to get top notch free agents when you have a player like Miller on your team.

It is time for the Broncos to pony up and even overpay for Miller if they have to. Denver needs him next season in order to be a contender, and Denver needs to show the rest of the players in this league that they do take care of their own.

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