Trick or Treat 2016: Halloween costumes for the Colorado sports fan

This story originally appeared in Mile High Sports Magazine. Read the full digital edition.

Tonight, kids all around the country will get decked out in costumes and hit the streets in pursuit of sweet treats. From coast to coast, little ghosts and goblins will be everywhere, as well as a few mini-Hillaries, mini-Trumps and other pop-culture references.

But in Colorado, there’s an opportunity to be creative, especially for sports fans. With just a little imagination, kiddos in the Centennial State can tip their caps to the local teams when chasing down some tricks and treats.

Nolan Arenado

Materials: Rockies jersey or shirt, Rockies hat, old baseball mitt, gold spray paint

The slick-fielding third baseman is great at the plate and in the field, but painting some leather is the best way to represent the soon-to-be four-time Gold Glove winner.

Peyton Manning

Materials: Plaid bathrobe, red t-shirt, slippers

Kids across Colorado have spent the past four years donning orange-and-blue jerseys with No. 18 emblazoned on them. Now, they can be the casual, retired version of PFM.

Patrick Roy

Materials: Suit and tie, mascara, attitude

For the bratty kids out there, this is the perfect way to spin those inevitable tantrums into part of “the act.” Dress like a coach, let tears cause mascara to run and head for home in a huff.


Materials: Green and gold apparel, helium-filled balloons

This is the perfect option for the lazy kid in the bunch. Sit on the porch at home with an empty candy bucket, complaining about the bounty secured by all the other kids; helium drags add to the whininess.

CU Fan

Materials: Black and gold apparel, Ray Charles sunglasses

Stroll around the neighborhood with a mostly empty candy bag, making sure to tell everyone about the haul you secured a decade ago and how this year is going to be like the good old days.

Happy Halloween, kids!