The United States managed to knock off Spain and the Serbs managed to beat the Australian’s in the semi-finals of the Rio Olympics, meaning the two will clash for the second time this summer. This time, with Gold on the line.

But if you’re a Denver Nuggets fan, your allegiance could be tested, as Nikola Jokic will be leading Serbia’s upset bid.

Jokic, 21, thrashed the USA men’s team in their game just a few days ago, putting up 25 points and bringing the Serbs within three points of victory. Now, Jokic will get another opportunity to dethrone the boys in red, white and blue.

If Jokic and the Serbs are able to knock off the United States, they would make history, put the Nuggets on the map and turn Nikola Jokic into a household name.

The United State have been nothing but dominant the past eight year’s, so if another team were to beat them, it would make waves around the world.

Nuggets fans know what Jokic is made of, but the rest of the world is still somewhat blind to how good the Joker is.

America, though, is not.

“The way he’s come along and he’s gotten better is impressive,” Assistant coach Tom Thibodeau told David Ramsey of the Gazette. “Every time he plays he gets better. You can’t put a lid on his potential because of his age and the way he’s improved so far. The talent is a big part of it, but there’s the drive and the intelligence, too. You look for guys who are always are getting better, and he seems to have that.”

The first game between the two was a good one, but a championship game with Gold on the line could be one for the ages, and a statement game for Nikola Jokic.

Grab your popcorn, folks, and get ready to potentially witness one of the great sporting events in the modern era of Olympic basketball.