Denver Broncos head coach Vance Joseph spoke to the media on Monday and answered diverse questions from the team’s plans at quarterback, to whether the starting left tackle for the 2017 Broncos is currently on the roster. One additional subject touched upon was the status and ability of the Broncos backfield.

Questions surrounding running back C.J. Anderson‘s fitness have abounded during the offseason. He was pictured at University of Oklahoma running back Joe Mixon’s football camp recently and many were concerned about his appearance, but Joseph does not appear to be amongst them.

“It’s the offseason. I have no concerns,” Joseph said. “Phase one is designed to get the players in football condition. I have no concerns with C.J., as far as getting in shape. We don’t play until the fall, so we’ve got plenty of time to get in shape.”

Joseph also touched on the Broncos’ offensive prowess. He spoke about the importance of having an explosive guy that is able to go the distance from the line of scrimmage on any given play.

“Every good offense needs a guy who can take ball from the L.O.S. [line of scrimmage] and go the distance with it,” he said. “That’s important to have, that aspect of an offense. So running back, receiver, whoever it comes from, definitely having more juice on offense. It’s a must, in my opinion.”

Where the Broncos will squeeze the additional “juice” from is to be determined. The Broncos have explosive players like Demaryius Thomas, Emmanuel Sanders and Anderson on the roster, but it’s unclear if he feels that’s enough.

Many questions will be answered during the 2017 NFL Draft, but until then, expect the team to closely monitor Anderson’s progress and available free agents.