How many points is Peyton Manning worth? According to Vegas, 17.

Since beating the Carolina Panthers by 14 points back in November, the Denver Broncos have faced some turmoil at the quarterback position, and it’s led Vegas to peg them as three-point underdogs in the season opener, via

The line originally opened with the Broncos as one-point favorites, but after heavy action on the Panthers, the line moved all the way up to three, a four-point swing.

Not only is a swing of that margin uncommon, but so is a title-contender getting points at home.

If everything is even, the home team will be marked as a three-point favorite. The fact that Denver is a three-point underdog means that Vegas believes the Panthers are a six-point favorite on neutral turf.

The good news, though, is that the Broncos will have an opportunity to prove everyone wrong once again in just about 48 hours.