It’s the final week of the regular season, and with the playoffs out of the question, one of the few things that remain murky is the future of the coaching staff, and specifically, head coach Vic Fangio.

Unsurprisingly, Fangio believes he deserves another year to right the ship, despite falling short of the rumored playoff mandate this season.

“I do believe this team has made progress,” Fangio told the media on Wednesday, to argue for his retention. “We got to 6-5, [and] we lost three tough games against teams that are going to make the playoffs. A play here and there, a better call here and there and maybe we get over the hump there, and we’re still in the hunt now. Then last week, we’ve got to be able to go play with what we’ve got, but we did have a depleted roster last week. I’m not one to campaign publicly but I was asked that question, so I gave that answer recently that you alluded to. I’d really rather have those discussions with George [Paton] and Joe [Ellis].”

Fangio will have an opportunity to make a compelling case for himself during Sunday’s matchup with the high-flying Kansas City Chiefs, who were stifled by his defense earlier in the year.

“It’s always great to win a game no matter who you’re playing,” Fangio said. “Obviously, a divisional opponent puts a little bit more meaning to it. It’s a team that the franchise hasn’t beaten in a while so all of that would add a little extra to it for sure.”