Von Miller‘s life is like a movie.

The whirlwind that followed Miller after he was named Super Bowl 50 MVP has been well documented on social media – by Miller himself.

If you’re one of @vonmiller’s 1.1 million followers on Instagram, you’ve seen the difference in his posts over the last year or so. His posts are beginning to look like the movie his life has become.

Miller doesn’t do anything half speed. That’s why he hired a cameraman to make his Instagram the best it can be.

“I’m having fun,” Miller said on Wednesday. “I’ve been interested in the cinema and production part of movies and things. My cameraman, Jackson Belcher, I’ve been with him since like the year before we went to the Super Bowl. Just over time, I’ve talked to him, gone to shoots and asked the guys about cameras and stuff. I didn’t just want to shoot my Instagram page with a Cannon 5D – I feel like everybody does that. We went out and got a Red and we’ve shot with a Sony FS7.”

By now, Von Miller is a household name. But according to him, he wants to give people the things they want to see.

“I just like the reach,” Miller explained. “When I was a little kid – I’m looking at it from this point of view; if I were 11 or 12 years old and I can’t go on YouTube and all these places and find my favorite player and what he’s doing, I could go to his Instagram page. That’s the type of content I’m putting out. It’s for all of those guys so they can see exactly what I’m doing behind the scenes. It’s kind of like a behind the scenes-behind the scenes thing.”

Miller uses his Instagram account to do just that. On his account, you’ll find pictures and videos from football practice, his vacations and his workouts among other things. For Bronco fans, his stories consist largely of locker room shenanigans, his meals and his travels.

Miller is fully aware of the power of social media, and with a following as big as his, he knows that he can spread any message he wants to without the help of anyone else.

“We just merged those because I really wanted to create a commercial type feel with my Instagram platform,” Miller said. “You get an entire minute. If I can create my own commercials, put them on my Instagram, a million and one people are going to see that. I don’t really need any big companies to do a commercial for me, I can just do it through social media.

“It’s not just Instagram, it’s all of social media. [Executive Vice President of Public and Community Relations Patrick Smyth] Pat always says you have a huge platform. You have to take advantage of that. The local media and the press, that’s a great way to get your message out there. Social media is where it’s going to come from first, especially for athletes. I just try to take advantage of my platform.”