The Denver Broncos are getting paid this offseason!

Unfortunately, they’re all getting paid by a franchise not named the Denver Broncos. In fact, so far through the first day of free agency, the only Broncos free agent to be re-signed by John Elway and Co. is Von Miller, and even he doesn’t have a long-term deal yet. With this outpouring of talent, it’s safe to wonder when the Broncos are going to start bringing in some pieces, as opposed to letting them all walk away.

Still, it’s nice to see former Broncos get rewarded for their hard work. They helped bring Denver a Lombardi Trophy, and they deserve every dollar they can get.

Just ask Von Miller, who’s likely to make more money than all of them when everything is said and done.

Between the two, Osweiler and Jackson have agreed to contracts worth nearly $80 million in guaranteed money, so that photo is probably fairly accurate.