Von Miller has always been a great football player, but through two games in the 2016 season, he’s been legendary. It’s as if the best versions of himself and coalesced into a single, unstoppable force of the football field.

So what’s changed? Not much, but in a discussion with 9News’ Mike Klis, Miller says his time on Dancing with the Stars has helped open up his mind to what it actually means to work hard.

“I’ve never put six hours into one day, every single day,’’ Miller said about his rehearsals on DWTS. “Not even football. We practice for two hours. Six hours every single day. It made me consistent. It made me come to work every single day and work on something that I wasn’t really good at. When I come out here and play football, this is what I do. I’m a professional football player. So it’s easier for me to do this. And I think having to struggle with that has definitely helped me here.’’

Source: Von’s offseason dancing, fast sack start, is no coincidence

Up and to this point, Miller’s accomplishments have largely been the product of natural ability. This is a pass rusher with nearly identical measurements to Cam Newton, one of the most-freakish athletes to ever play the quarterback position — it’s no wonder Von appears to be Superman’s kryptonite.

This offseason, though, Miller was thrown into unfamiliar territory, and he couldn’t rely on natural ability alone. Instead, work ethic became his best friend, and it’s paying off on the football field.

“I already had agility and flexibility but I think the consistent part,’’ Miller said. “Coming to work and doing something that I’m not good at. On Mondays coming in and doing that in front of millions of people and having Witney really depend on me to get my job done. That’s the correlation that it has on the football field. I’m not tackling guys on the dance floor but the work you put in to be a great dancer has a direct correlation that you need to have to be a great football player.’’

Miller has been in the discussion for best defensive player in the NFL since he came into the league. The idea that he can actually get better should be a frightening scenario for the 31 teams not named the Denver Broncos.