How do you know when you’ve gained the respect of opposing offenses as a pass rusher? They double team you.

To double team a player means that you’re opening up a potential weakness somewhere else, but when you’re dealing with one of the most elite defenders in the NFL, it’s worth it.

But Von Miller, he doesn’t get double teamed. He doesn’t get triple teamed, either.

According to Von, offenses have begun to triple-and-a-half team the reigning Super Bowl MVP.

“About three guys, three-and-a-half guys,” Miler said told Pro Football Talk. “You know they might motion a receiver and he’ll get a chip and they might keep the tight end in, and the offensive tackle. Then the running back might come out and chip a little bit, too. So probably like three-and-a-half guys. But whenever teams are doing stuff like that I got a whole team, a whole defense full of stars, so it just gives other guys on my team opportunities to make plays.”

That’s the type of respect only a few defenders have ever garnered, but Von Miller has absolutely earned it.

He currently sits with 7.5 sacks on the season, second most in the NFL, but his impact extends much further than that.

With all the attention he draws on a given play, Von opens up room for the rest of the Denver defense to go to work, and that’s part of the reason why the unit leads the league with 21 total sacks. It’s also the reason why Derek Wolfe and Shane Ray both have over four sacks of their own.

The Broncos defense revolves around Von Miller, even when he’s not the one getting to the quarterback. Opposing offenses know that as well as anybody.