The aftermath of the Alex Smith to Washington trade is rippling through the NFL and drastically alters what the Denver Broncos could be looking at for the quarterback position when the new NFL league year starts in March.

As Super Bowl week continues in Minneapolis, the Broncos-Kirk Cousins connection is beginning to heat up. Broncos All-Pro linebacker Von Miller stopped by the Dan Patrick Show to discuss the highly coveted quarterback and a potential fit with the Broncos.

“I talk to him. He knows exactly how I feel about Kirk Cousins and what he would mean to our team,” Miller said to Patrick on Wednesday morning as the radio team broadcast live from Minneapolis.

“We need Kirk,” Miller said with a laugh.

“I would like to have Kirk — Kirk could take us over the edge, but that’s the National Football League, there’s a lot of teams that need Kirk. There’s a lot of teams that need a great quarterback. Whatever team he is on, would be a different team.”

Cousins would certainly be a game changer and will alter the power of teams, divisions and conferences. But one thing is sure, if Cousins finds his home to be Denver next year and on, he won’t be touched by Miller as a pass-rusher again.

“He don’t have to worry about it. Almost had him three times when we played him, he doesn’t have to worry about it all if he comes here.”