Denver is lucky to have Wade Phillips. Not just because he’s lead this Broncos defense to the No. 1 unit in the NFL, but because he’s awesome. He is an absolutely awesome dude.

A lot of coaches in this league like to pretend that they’re funny, but their comedic ceiling is a pretty good “dad joke.” Phillips, though, is legitimately hilarious, and he proved it again on Thursday.

Now, if you don’t remember, in a very physical game last weekend, it was Wade Phillips, not Peyton Manning or Emmanuel Sanders, who took the hardest hit of the day, getting trucked by Martavis Bryant on the sideline.

Remember, is 68 years old. He may be spry and jovial, but imagine your grandpa getting spiked to the ground like that as he comes out of Sunday church. That would be cause for alarm.

But for Phillips, it, somehow, turned into a laughing matter.

“You know, I got the big hit award last week, but what I did hear is Bryant—they say he’s not going to play until next August. I hope he’s okay, but I heard he’s not playing anymore football for a while. Yeah, I’m fine and I hope he’s alright.”

Burn! Coach Phillips just managed to turn his near-death experience into a scorching diss … That’s A-level stuff, right there.

And if you’re looking for some more high-quality Phillips content, make sure you’re following him on Twitter. For being 68, he probably dominates social media better than you.