Everybody knows Wade Phillips isn’t afraid to speak his mind. Whether it’s in the locker room, at the podium or on Twitter, he’s an open book, much like his father. So after coordinating two of the best defensive performances the league has seen in a long time, both of which came against the league’s two best quarterbacks, you knew he wasn’t going to fade away into the offseason quietly.

“Son of Bum” was all smiles Sunday night, but on Monday morning, he made sure to throw a little shade in the direction of Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers.

I’m guessing that first “with” is supposed to be a “will,” but who cares? Everyone misspells a few words when they’re excited!

Phillips isn’t the only Broncos defender/coach to troll the Panthers, but he’s definitely the most fun. At nearly 70 years old, with decades’ worth of NFL coaching experience, this Super Bowl victory was his first, and he’s living it up.

And to think that nobody felt like giving him a job last season …