With the retirement of Peyton Manning, the NFL didn’t just lose one of its best quarterbacks of all time, but it lost arguably its greatest spokesperson, too.

Manning was the king. Football Sunday or not, if you turned on your television, he was bound to pop on the screen for a quick Nationwide or MasterCard hit during the commercial break — honestly, he still is.

But people wondered who would take up the fight, become the new face of the league.?Aaron Rodgers and his “discount double check”? J.J. Watt and Papa Johns? Cam Newton and Under Armour?

All good options, but the answer is clearly Von Miller, who’s on a historic pace right now, as both the face of Old Spice and Madden — isn’t Gronk on the cover?

Check out his latest commercial below …


Miller is an eccentric dude, but he’s awesome. No doubt about that.