Following what must have been the most devastating loss of his young career, Cam Newton was short, to say the least, at his postgame press conference. Answering every question with no more than one or two words, Cam looked solemn under his hood, leaving abruptly after just a few minutes.

As expected, the reaction to Newton’s sudden departure was mostly negative, though not all that surprising; as any competitor will tell you, losing sucks.

But apparently Newton wasn’t just fed up with the questions; there was another factor involved in causing him to stand up and leave: Chris Harris Jr.’s description of how the Broncos dethroned the Panthers.

In case you can’t really hear, that Chris Harris Jr. in the background, bragging about how the Broncos defense took down the mighty Cam “Superman” Newton. You can see Cam stop to listen to Harris’ words, shake his head slowly and then walk off.

It is interesting, though, why Cam and Chris were so close to each other during their postgame interviews. Wouldn’t they want the teams separated a bit? Or did Harris just walk over there to rub the victory in Cam’s face?

To be fair to Cam, though, he could have taken that a lot worse than he did, and maybe that’s why he did just walk off. As the sang goes, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”