The Colorado State Rams took a knockdown blow when they were defeated 44-7 at the hands of their in-state rival Colorado on national television to open the 2016 season in the annual Rocky Mountain Showdown. But like a heavyweight prize fighter, the Rams picked themselves up off the mat and prepared to fight again.

The analogy is not one concocted by a writer watching from a press box high above the field, but a vision from the players themselves. In the latest installment of CSU’s award-winning video series The Grind, “Fighters,” Colorado State players Dalyn Dawkins and linebacker Kevin Davis parallel their battle early in the season with arguably the greatest fighter of all time, Muhammad Ali. Running back Dalyn Dawkins and linebacker Kevin Davis are featured along with head coach Mike Bobo.

“Fighters may be remembered by their wins,” senior linebacker and film narrator Deonte Clyburn says, “but it’s how they get up when they fall that truly defines them.”

The Rams responded to their loss against Colorado with a win at UT-San Antonio in their home opener the following week.