Johnny Manziel is doing his part to keep the talk going about his coming to Denver. Too bad his actions don’t back up his words.

TMZ Sports on Friday night caught up with the former Browns quarterback as he partied in West Hollywood, asking him if he’d like to go to the Denver Broncos

“That’s where Von is,” Manziel stated while leaving The Nice Guy in WeHo. “He’s one of the greatest dudes I’ve ever known. If I can get with Von Miller, I’ll be in good shape.”

But later in the night, Manziel was filmed drinking straight from a bottle of champagne at another club, looking a bit wobbly while doing so.

Manziel has a history of substance abuse that has affected his performance and ultimately led to his release in Cleveland. As a guy trying to get back into the league, aligning himself with a friend in the reigning Super Bowl MVP is a good thing. Taking bottles of booze to the dome isn’t.