Mark Sanchez’s bid for the Denver Broncos starting quarterback job has hit a bit of a snag. With a subpar performance on Saturday, where he fumbled the ball away in 49ers’ territory on two consecutive drives, Sanchez could very well enter Week 1 as the backup, an outcome that didn’t seem likely a few weeks ago.

Fortunately, he has a backup plan.

Little did we know, The Sanchize has an ear for music, too.

In coordination with DraftKings, Sanchez went undercover as a street musician in Santa Barbara, California, to sing some of today’s hottest hits with locals and tourists.


It definitely could have been worse, but, like his performance on Saturday, it could have been a whole lot better too.

Let’s hope, for everyone’s sake, that he doesn’t have to resort to strumming a guitar on the beaches of California to earn a living.