Cam Newton and Peyton Manning could not be more different, in style and in personality, and that’s what makes this Super Bowl so interesting.

When the Panthers and Broncos face off in a little over a week, we may be witnessing the last of a dying breed face off against the future of football. After decades worth of dominance by the “pocket passer,” the NFL looked to be making a move towards the “running” quarterback, but that’s not whom Newton is; Newton is a different beast.

Newton can launch a ball 60 yards down field with the flick of the wrist; Manning has to exert every muscle of his body to push the ball past the first-down marker.

Newton can truck-stick a linebacker; Manning’s go-to move is the self-sack.

Newton plans elaborate celebrations; Manning celebrates with a subtle fist pump.

Newton endorses Beats By Dre; Manning endorses an insurance company.

Newton plays with a constant smile; Manning plays with a “Manning Face.”

But if there’s one area where these two quarterbacks share a bond, it’s in their love for dance. Sure, maybe Cam’s moves are a little more popular, and they get the young crowd going, but that doesn’t mean Peyton can’t throw down when he needs to.

In fact, if the two faced off, it might end up being a pretty close competition. And thanks to The Cauldron, we now have proof:

Did you see those hip gyrations from Manning? This man was born to groove!

Mark my words: On Super Bowl Sunday, Manning will take a bootleg to the house, the good people at Levi’s Stadium will blast that Rocky Top and The Sheriff will show Cam Newton what a real touchdown dance looks like.