Even before he was officially named the starter, Broncos quarterback Trevor Siemian had support from his wide receiving corps. Now that he’s the man in Denver, Siemian’s doing his part to pick them up for that effort.

In his first NFL start, Siemian showed off the arm that Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders – both Pro Bowl wide receivers – praised throughout training camp and the preseason.

Siemian certainly had his struggles, having two passes intercepted and another batted down in the end zone and nearly picked off against the Carolina Panthers. But he also made some spectacular throws like the one above, and this one below, which only Sanders could catch.

Even when Siemian’s throws weren’t perfect, Thomas and Sanders made catches for their young QB. Clearly, the trio is still developing their chemistry. But they’re also clearly on the right track for being very dangerous once they get going.

Sanders ended the night against the Carolina Panthers with five catches for 49 yards. Thomas was just shy of that with 48 and four.