Travel is one of the most overlooked aspects of sports. The loss of sleep and wear and tear it can have on an athlete’s body can be detrimental. The Glendale Raptors will have to fight through these unpleasantries this weekend, as they face their longest road trip of the season as they will head to Boston.

“The good thing about Glendale is we’ve got a lot of players who’ve traveled before,” said head coach David Williams. “There used to plane travel, there used to different hotels, it’s never easy.”

Coming off a dominant performance in a 53-3 win over Rugby Utah, the Raptors will face Mystic River in Boston. Coach Williams knows if his team sticks to their strengths and plays the way they should play, they should be in a good spot. Then again, he knows not to take them lightly.

“They merged as a club with another team, so they’ve extended their talent pool,” said Williams. “They’ve got some quality players and it’ll definitely be a good challenge for us going out east this weekend.”

With their undefeated record still intact, the Raptors will try to keep that streak alive on Saturday, May 6 against Mystic River.

Listen to the full interview with David Williams, including his thoughts on Nick Johnson, in the podcast below.

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