Sick of all the Broncos talk already? Don’t care if Peyton Manning’s arm falls off or if it’s cryogenically frozen for scientific purposes, today, someday or never?

More importantly, you don’t want to be stuck on the coach watching the Broncos-Chiefs, the 47th televised football game of the week?

Hey, that might not be everyone (we’re quite certain it isn’t), but if it’s you, we certainly understand. If you like sports and are looking for some fantastic options other than the college and NFL grind, we’ve got three can’t miss – go watch ‘em in person – games that will take place tonight.

Mile High Sports tapped into our man Dan Mohrmann (follow him on Twitter @DanMohrmann) who covers all the preps for for the following recommendations, your “Top Three Broncos Game Alternatives.”

No. 3 — Lewis-Palmer @ Valor Christian (Volleyball)

Says Mohrmann: “Lewis-Palmer is still regarded as the top team in the country. They’re worth the price of admission.” (Editor’s Note: The best in the country? I’m not sure anyone is saying that about the Broncos right now.)

No. 2 — Rocky Mountain @ Legacy (Football)

Says Mohrmann: “The Lobos just broke into the Top 10 and Legacy quarterback Matt Lynch is committed to UCLA. This one is well worth the drive north to watch.” (Editor’s Note: How do these top-flight quarterbacks keep getting out of state?)

No. 1 — Pine Creek @ Dakota Ridge (Football)

Says Mohrmann: “This is potentially the best 4A game on the schedule before the state playoffs commence. And Dakota Ridge could be the last potential stumbling block for the juggernaut that is Pine Creek, at team that’s vying for its third-straight 4A title. Pine Creek’s Domann brothers, Brock and JoJo, are worth watching every time. They’re the spark for the electrifying offense that Dakota Ridge will be trying to stop tonight. Should be a dandy!” (Editor’s Note: Gotta love Pine Creek’s throwback unis, and JoJo Domann is everywhere. He might even be playing in this game and watching the Broncos game – that’s how fast he is.)

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