On the field, Denver Broncos defensive lineman Zach Kerr is a 6’2”, 311 lbs machine, pushing some of the biggest men in football around on a daily basis.

Off the field, Kerr is even stronger, dealing with so many obstacles in life — only making him stronger — now motivated to spread positive vibes about life, even in the toughest of times.

Kerr this off season has been talking to many individuals who are working on overcoming obstacles. Whether it be charity functions, or the YESS Institute dinner earlier in the Spring, Kerr has been active in the community, which will also include his very first football camp for kids in July.

His desire to give back is bigger than his play, as he discusses with Broncos Blitz podcast host Ronnie Kohrt. Kerr grew up very poor. His Father was murdered when he was only four months old. He was kicked out of school and lived in shelters as a child. But it hasn’t kept him down. From undrafted, to making a living with the Broncos, Kerr — now a father — is living his best life with family by his side and wants to help those who may be struggling in tough times to know. There is a bright future and you can overcome obstacles in life, even when it appears you can’t.

Working with multiple organizations, Kerr is the national spokesperson for the Foundation for Sarcoidosis Research. His Mother deals with Sarcoidosis.

The guys chat about Kerr’s life in the off season, including pulling weeds, guest speaking to kids, Sarcoidosis, his football camp, family and how they’ve changed his life for the better.

Sorry – this audio content is no longer available., including what he had to say about Kerr’s camp, his life growing up and more, or listen to the podcast below.

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