Sunday, October 23, 2016
Denver Nuggets

Emmanuel Mudiay and Jamal Murray are excited to play with each other

The Denver Nuggets new backcourt of Jamal Muray and Emmanuel Mudiay is excited to get to work
Juancho Hernangomez

Bringing Juan Hernangomez over could send Kenneth Faried packing

No one knows whether the Denver Nuggets will bring over Juan Hernangomez next season, but it could have a major effect on Kenneth Faried

RAPID REACT: How did fans react to the Denver Nuggets’ 15th and 19th picks?

How did Denver Nuggets react to the selections of Juan Hernangomez and Malik Beasley? Well, very well!
Malik Beasley

The Denver Nuggets select Malik Beasley with the No. 19 pick, grab more shooting

The Nuggets needed shooting, and they did everything in their power to grab it, including selecting Malik Beasley with the No. 19 pick
Tim Connelly

The Denver Nuggets go international once again, select Juan Hernangomez

Adding to the Denver Nuggets all-international roster, Tim Connelly adds his second non-American prospect of the night with Juan Hernangomez
No. 7 pick

REPORT: Jamal Murray was No. 3 on Nuggets’ big board behind Simmons and Ingram

The Denver Nuggets got their guy, as Jamal Murray was the third-rated prospect on their board, only trailing Simmons and Ingram
Denver Nuggets

RAPID REACT: Fans react to the Denver Nuggets selection of Jamal Murray

With the selection of Jamal Murray at No. 7, the reaction from Nuggets Nation was about as positive as you could get

BREAKING: The Denver Nuggets select sharpshooting SG Jamal Murray with 7th pick

With the seventh overall pick, the Denver Nuggets select one of the best shooter in the draft, Jamal Murray
Denver Nuggets

REPORT: The Denver Nuggets attempted to move up to No. 3

According to reports, the Denver Nuggets attempted to move up to the third-overall pick
Tim Connelly

REPORT: Denver Nuggets comfortable at No. 7, not looking to move

Rumors have swirled that the Denver Nuggets may be looking to deal their No. 7 pick, but Chris Dempsey reports that they're comfortable where they are