Following a week of rumor, speculation and conspiracy, Brock Osweiler did exactly what he needed to do: Bring Broncos Country together.

Whether you’ve been pulling for Brock since day one or you believe the Broncos did Peyton Manning dirty, none of that mattered after Osweiler completed a 48-yard touchdown pass to Demaryius Thomas to give Denver the early lead. For the first time in awhile, the fan base was united.

Now, how long they will remain united is another question. After Mike Florio reported that Manning will play next season, even if he’s not playing in Denver, you can bet your bottom dollar that only more controversy is in store.

But for now, let’s just focus on the Brocket Launcher and how well he played Sunday afternoon. Here’s what the team had to say after the game.

Gary Kubiak on Osweiler’s first start

“He did a really good job. We didn’t protect him very good in the first half, I had to take his lumps in a couple situations but kept his composure and would come back and make the next play. He did his job, did a heck of a job and his team played well around him and that’s the most important thing. Very proud of him, he was ready to go.”

Kubiak on how Osweiler fits “his” system

“He can do everything. He’s a very composed young man and the more he plays, I think, the better he’s going to get. We booted a little bit, not a lot. They were up the field quite a bit but the threat of us doing that, I think, helped us run the ball a little bit. He’s a sharp young man. He has a lot of confidence in himself and he should obviously gain some more through this experience.”

Kubiak on getting Osweiler’s confidence going early

“You try to get a guy some completions so his confidence gets going early. Our D-team makes a huge play for him early in the game. But it still goes back to running the ball. We weren’t sitting there today with 3rd-and-10, 3rd-and-12, 3rd-and-nine all day long. We were pretty manageable in what we were doing and I think we ended up about 40-something percent on third down. I think it gets back to us running the ball and staying on schedule.”

Kubiak on Osweiler’s play-calling freedom

“We kind of went the same way. He controlled the run game, some of the pass protection, some of those things. I have confidence in him. He’s been doing that with Peyton (Manning) on a regular basis at practice. He watches it. That’s something he should only get better at. He was very composed as far as handling the group.”

Osweiler on being a leader

“Well you know ever since I started playing football I thought it was the quarterback’s responsibility to be a leader of the football team. That’s a role I’ve always embraced. Today is not about me. Today is 100 percent about this football team, about this coaching staff. We came into a place on a cool day, tough stadium to play in, playing a great football team and we got a team win. That’s what it’s all about.”

Osweiler on replacing Manning

“Obviously you assume all of those things are there and I assume that you guys are writing throughout the week and talking. I assume fans are buzzing on social media. One thing that I have learned in my three and a half years and watching Peyton and this football team is you need to close out that outside noise. Kind of like I told you guys on Wednesday, at the end of the day, it’s a football game. I think when you can focus on the task at hand one play at a time, one drive at a time, one game at a time, and not get too caught up in what’s going on outside. None of that is going to dictate what happens in the football game and I think that’s what we did today. We blocked out that outside noise and we got the job done.”

Osweiler on what he learned from Manning

“The list of things that I’ve learned behind Peyton is endless. I’ve learned not only how to be a professional off the field, but on the field, in the locker room. I’ve learned so much about situational football. First down, second down, third down. What your thoughts are on the road. What your thoughts are on your first drive, your last drive, four minute. Like I told the guys in Denver, and like I’ve told them for a couple years now, and I don’t know if anybody believed me, but I really was telling the truth. I have not wasted a single day sitting behind Peyton. I fully recognize that he might be the greatest quarterback to play if not one of the greatest. I wasn’t going to let one of those days go by where I didn’t learn something. I’ve been very appreciative for my situation. For Mr. Elway to bring me in and let me sit behind a guy like Peyton. Peyton has been great to me as well. For him to teach me those things, I’m just very thankful and very appreciative.”

C.J. Anderson on Osweiler’s first start

“He was efficient. He’s a leader. Nothing really changed. We knew Brock had it in him. He’s just playing behind a Hall-of-Famer. Like when the Packers did the same thing to A-Rod (Aaron Rodgers). We knew Brock had it in him. He went out there and did his job and it done today.”

T.J. Ward on Osweiler’s play

“I think Brock played very well. We got the win first and foremost, most importantly. He made some big plays. Other guys making plays. Ronnie (Hillman) played well. D.T. (Demaryius Thomas) had that play in the beginning. C.J. (Anderson) had some good runs. Vernon (Davis) caught some balls today. A lot of guys got into the action on the offensive side of the ball. It was good to see.”

Owen Daniels on what Osweiler did well

“He did awesome. He protected the football. He didn’t make any big mistakes. Didn’t turn the ball over. When you do that, you give your team a great chance to win. I don’t know what his stats were, but he was very efficient in what he was doing and commanded the huddle really well. Didn’t miss a beat out there.”