The Broncos took a swing for the fences when they selected Juwann Winfree in the sixth round of the NFL Draft. He was almost unanimously viewed as an undrafted free agent by media scouts due to his injury history and lack of production at the college level, but it’s impossible to deny his talent.

So far, the early returns on that gamble make the pick look like a hit. On nearly every day of Broncos’ training camp, especially Days One and Four, Winfree separated from the pack. The biggest flash play came when the receiver hauled in a rope from Drew Lock down the sideline for what would’ve been a huge gain or a score. Early on, he looks like he should easily secure a roster spot and even compete for snaps in his rookie season.

Veteran cornerback Chris Harris Jr. thought so as well. “Fifteen [Winfree] is nice,” Harris said. “I see him every day catching a lot of balls, having great routes. He’s stronger than a lot of people would think as a young receiver. I like 15’s game.”

Winfree was flattered to learn of the former All-Pro’s compliments. “That’s huge to me, man. That made me smile, just because I’ve grown up watching these guys,” Winfree said. “When I got here, I always thought I could succeed at this level, but actually finally doing it, working and being able to compete against these top guys, going against the ones, it’s providing a lot of confidence for me, and it’s improving my game just going against him.”

Winfree explained he has already learned a great deal from having to go against those NFL-level cornerbacks.
“When I come to the line, I’ve got to slow the game down so much more now, because there’s little things that you could get away with at the college level. But now I can’t, so when I’m here, I’ve got to be patient at the line, take my time and scan the whole field,” the rookie said.
If he maintains his early camp momentum throughout 2019, the Broncos will have the most talented and deepest young receiving core in the league with Courtland Sutton, Tim Patrick, DaeSean Hamilton, and now Winfree.