The importance of a Week 2 game doesn’t seem super high on the surface.

But there’s more on the line than a lot of people seemingly realize tonight when the Denver Broncos and Kansas City Chiefs battle in Arrowhead Stadium for a very early AFC West lead.

First, it’s a division game on the road. Win those and you’re usually in pretty good shape. The Broncos are 9-0 against Oakland, Kansas City and San Diego the last three years in their buildings. That’s a huge reason this team has cruised to the AFC West title all three years of the PFM era.

Second, Manning has to silence the critics. He has to. This season will quickly go off the rails if every week goes like this past one. Fans and media calling for Brock Osweiler will get old quickly (it already has); Manning needs to put that narrative to rest.

With those two keys in mind here are four bold predictions for the Broncos and Chiefs showdown at Arrowhead Stadium on Thursday Night Football:

No. 4 — The Broncos score another defensive touchdown

Talib scored the Broncos only touchdown last week and won a nice little award in the process. Maybe it’s him again on Thursday night, maybe it’s one of the beast pass rushers or maybe it’s someone unexpected. But mark it down, this defense is so good they’ll score another touchdown against the Chiefs.