It’s a battle of baseball titans at Coors Field starting Tuesday as the Colorado Rockies and Los Angeles Angels do battle, showcasing two of baseball’s elite talents in the game.

Nolan Arenado and Mike Trout have been delivering eye popping numbers and elite defense since they entered the league, but side-by-side… who stands on-top?

Arenado has quite the trophy case already on display in his sixth year in the league. Five-straight gold gloves, three all-star games, three silver-slugger awards and widely regarded as the best defensive third baseman in baseball. Arenado has belted 156 home runs in his career and drove in 527 RBI.

But then there’s Trout.

A two-time AL MVP, six all-star games (two all-star MVP awards,) five silver-slugger awards and the rookie of the year in 2012. Trout hits .307 for his career and has knocked in 593 RBI to pair next to 213 home runs.

While both provide incredible offense, speed and defense may be the difference makers.


Chalk this category up to Mike Trout. A speed demon on the field, Trout lead the AL in stolen bases in 2012 and joined the 30-30 club, he remains the last player to achieve this feat. Arenado has only stolen 12 bases in his career, so speed has never been a factor in his game, advantage Trout.


Another heavily one-sided category and this one favors Arenado. Widely regarded as the best defensive third-baseman in the game. Arenado is already nipping on the heels of some of the greatest to ever play the position when it comes to defense. A gold glove in 2018 would put Arenado in some of the most elite ranks, as one of only four players ever to win the award six-straight times. Trout has never won a gold glove in his career.

So the debate rages on, Arenado or Trout? The Mile High Sports Radio team took to the topic of who they would start a team around and finally settled the score between the two titans in baseball.

Shawn Drotar – Co-Host of Morning’s at 5280. Weekdays 7-9am

As highly as I think about Nolan Arenado, my choice would have to be Mike Trout. Despite playing in a pitcher’s park (compared to Coors Field, at least), Trout still bests Arenado in career batting average, on-base percentage, slugging and OPS.

Trout has one tool that Arenado doesn’t: speed. Trout’s one of the fastest players in baseball and an elite baserunner. He’s also a bit younger, to boot. Any team would love to have either player, but if you’re making me pick just one? I’ll take Mike Trout… but not by much.

Benny Bash – Co-Host of Morning Mayhem. Weekdays 9-11am

Hook, line and sinker! Start the pickup and grab the poles, because I want TROUT!

After fishing out info, scales tip in Trout’s favor with a career .307 average vs. Nolan Arenado’s .291, they’re both true keepers, but I’ll take Trout and I’m not throwing him back.

Renaud Notaro – Co-host of Walsh and Notaro. Weekdays 2-4pm

Nolan Arenado. Second greatest Nolan of all-time behind Nolan Ryan.

Sean Walsh – Co-host of Walsh and Notaro. Weekdays 2-4pm

I love both players; however, this isn’t even close. I will take Trout.

No disrespect to Arenado, but he might be the 4th best player on the field in this series behind Pujols, Trout and perhaps Ohtani, all players I would choose ahead of Arenado.

Eric Goodman – Co-Host of Afternoon Drive with Goodman and Shapiro. Weekdays 4-6pm

Arenado. The better all-around player.

Les Shapiro – Co-Host of Afternoon Drive with Goodman and Shapiro. Weekdays 4-6pm

Trout. He does everything Arenado does — and more.  

Both have good power, knock in plenty of runs, hit for average and play great defense, but an X-factor here is Trout has much better speed, truly a five-tool player. Plus, if defense up the middle is still all-important, a good glove in centerfield is more important than at 3B. And if it matters, Trout is still a year younger than Arenado as well.

Ronnie K – Producer of Afternoon Drive with Goodman and Shapiro. Weekdays 4-6pm

Nolan Arenado. Not only does his offense provide just as many runs, his defense saves runs game after game.

There’s no player even close to his caliber at third base on defense and while he won’t be appreciated enough in his career because defense isn’t the sexy trait that analysts dig. He’s one of the greatest players to play his sport that I’ve got the chance to cover and watch on a consistent basis in person. He does the impossible, effortlessly.

Coach Les – Host of The Coach Les Show. Weekdays 6-8pm

Two words. Mike Trout!

Connor Cape – Co-Host of The Connor Cape Show. Tuesday through Thursday 8-10pm

Everybody loves Nolan Arenado in Denver and deservedly so. Arenado is the best player on the Rockies and will go down as one of the greatest Rockies of all-time if he stays with the club, but it really isn’t that close.

Mike Trout beats Arenado soundly in every important career statistic. Not just in totals of accumulated stats like WAR, RBI, and home runs, but also in averages like on-base percentage, on-base plus slugging, batting average and slugging percentage.

Trout has a chance to put himself in the conversation as one of the best baseball players of all-time and would be my pick for best position player in the game today. 

Michael Spillan – Co-Host of The Wheelhouse. Sunday’s 8-10am.

I definitely would start a team with Nolan Arenado. Not only are his offensive numbers respectable, but when you come in with five straight gold gloves at one of the most difficult positions on the infield, Nolan nudges out Trout.

Yes, Trout’s offensive numbers are statistically higher than Arenado’s, but he has no defensive accolades next to his name. Trout has played in two more seasons than Arenado, so naturally, his numbers will be higher. 

I’m still not sure why Nolan finishes so low in N.L. MVP voting, with an assumption that the Coors Field excuse plays into effect. But because of his outstanding defensive play, he stands on top. Arenado seems to be getting better season-by-season as the Rockies team gets better as well. It’s no disrespect to the extremely talented Mike Trout, but win a gold glove in the outfield and we’ll begin to talk.

Doug Ottewill – Managing Editor at Mile High Sports

I’d start with Arenado. He does everything – literally everything – at an all star caliber. Trout does too, really, but having arguably the best defensive third baseman in history is harder to come by than a good, solid outfielder.

Both great, and if you’re talking about marketability alone, you might go with Trout (just because more people know him), but Nolan is exceptional all around.

Erik Trujillo – Contributor to Mile High Sports.

Is it ok to say both? Both are incredible talents. Nolan is an incredible talent, but my edge would be towards Trout because he has more of a leadership “it” factor. He’s the reincarnation of Mickey Mantle!