NFL training camp brings unexpected events.

Undrafted free agents climbing the depth chart to make the roster. Established veterans being handed their walking papers. And, of course, the inevitable injuries.

No player expects to get hurt during camp (or before, in the case of Devontae Booker). Those moments when injuries occur are disappointing, but can also lead to unexpected and positive moments for others.

That was the case with Stevan Ridley, when he received a call from the Denver Broncos to try out for the team in place of the injured Booker.

Ridley quickly made his way to Denver and before the first day of training camp was done could call himself a Bronco.

The former Patriots and Jets running back met with the media after his first walkthrough with the team. Here’s what he had to say, courtesy of Broncos media relations.

On his initial feelings after arriving in Denver

“Things happened kind of fast. I’m straight off the plane and getting to business. I’m excited for the opportunity. I’m very thankful and fortunate they gave me a shot to come in and compete. I’m really just excited about getting in the playbook, meeting my teammates and trying to catch up with these guys. I’m a little bit behind so I’ve got a lot of work to do.”

 On getting the call to try out for the Broncos

“It was awesome. It was very unexpected. I’ve been at home the last couple of months, just training and trying to stick to what I know. The right thing to do is train and it’s hard when the phone is quiet but the man upstairs always has a plan and I believe in it. I stuck close to my loved ones and got the call from the Broncos. I told my mom about it at Subway. We had a little lunch and I made my way on up. I’m very excited to just have an opportunity back on the field and try to come in and help the team.”

On where he was this morning when he got the call from the Broncos

“I was actually in Mississippi heading to mom and dad’s house, waiting for mom to get off of work. She got off work and I told her the news so she was a little bit excited to say the least. After that I hit the highway and had to drive down to New Orleans, hop on a plane and get up here as soon as I could. Like I said, everything happened quick but I’m happy to be here, I really am. It’s a great organization, I played against these guys a lot and it’s just crazy to be on the other side. However it goes, it’s just another step in the journey and I’m very thankful.” 

On what he hopes to contribute to the running back room

“Just some stability man, whatever that may be. I don’t really care what my role is. They’ve got some talented guys in there and for me to come in and say that I can do one certain thing, I can’t say that. All I’m trying to do is come in and find a role. Whatever coach and them ask of me, whatever my teammates need of me, I just want to be that guy they can depend on and lean on. I’m just coming in trying to better this team the best way I know how.”

On getting another opportunity compete in the NFL

“This game, you can’t take it for granted. It’s all about opportunity. To be in an organization where you’re getting the ball 12 to 15 times a game, you’re young and you’re enjoying it, and then you get an injury. Once you get an injury it’s like things go south and you really never know. You never know what each day is going to bring. You never know when you’re opportunity is going to be gone or when you’re going to have it. Every day you really just have to capitalize and realize that we really do have the best job in the world, playing in the NFL. It’s a dream come true and that’s why I say and I’ll say multiple times that I’m very thankful to have another shot. Every step along the way I’ve just been trying to get to a place where I can get the opportunity to show that I’m back and I can do something and help contribute. I’m just coming in here to work hard, noses in the dirt. I’m just trying to come in here and better myself, better this team, and do whatever I can to help this team be productive. It’s been a long journey and I’m excited about it. I’m not scared of challenges at all. If this is the opportunity that’s at stake, I’m diving into it full speed and I’m going to do my best to help out.”

On traveling to Denver and going straight into a workout

“You’ve got to come in here and be prepared. That’s the thing, you don’t know when another opportunity is going to come. I might not get another workout if it wasn’t for this one today. I’m running on about three hours of sleep and I crashed on the plane so the flight was pretty short. I just got here and hit the ground running. I worked out and just answered a lot of prayers. There’s a lot of people praying for me that I get another shot. For it to come through today, I’ve got a lot of people that I’ve got to make proud so I’m trying to come in here and do what I can.”

 On his familiarity with current players on the Broncos roster

“There’s a lot of guys. [OLB] Von [Miller], [WR] Demaryius [Thomas]; I played with [CB Aqib] Talib a little bit. Me and [RB] Jamaal [Charles] crossed paths a few times. A lot of these guys I’m pretty familiar with. Being around the league and playing against these guys, you kind of see guys training or offseason you catch up with a lot of people. A lot of these guys I’m familiar with and I like the team. There’s a lot of veterans on this team and a lot of ball players on this team so I’m excited”

 On taking his mom to lunch at Subway before traveling to Denver

“We had to find a meeting spot and mom said she was at Subway (laughing). I’ve been trying to do the healthy thing. A small country town in Natchez, Mississippi, there’s not too many options. You’ve got Wendy’s, McDonald’s and pretty much Burger King, so Subway it takes it. We had to go to Subway, get something healthy and get on the road.”