Denver was in an uproar the day that Brock Osweiler packed his things and headed toward Texas. But after last night’s NFL Draft, Broncos fans can finally take a deep breath.

Arnie Stapleton of the Associated Press joined Gil Whiteley this morning to discuss Denver’s newest player, Paxton Lynch. Now that the Colin Kaepernick rumors can be put to rest, Broncos fans can shift their focus onto the young QB who Stapleton says is a “perfect fit for John Elway.”

“The thing about Paxton is that he is very much in the mold, physically, as Brock Osweiler — 6-foot-7, 245 pounds,” Stapleton told Gil. “He’s going to be better than Brock in a lot of ways.”

Fans can rest easy knowing that Osweiler won’t long be missed. Though Lynch has a lot of room for growth, the quarterback displays elite quickness despite his extremely tall figure. His athleticism and unique build look to be the perfect combination for a Gary Kubiak offense.

Though the draft pick has people excited, the 22 year old will have to put up a pretty serious fight to compete for a starting position in the 2016 season.

“Even if he comes in and sits for a year or half a year, the fact is he’s behind such a good defense and such a good team,” Stapleton said. “What other quarterbacks come into the league and have the luxury of not having to carry the franchise on their shoulders?”

To hear more Paxton Lynch talk with Arnie Stapleton, listen to the podcast below …

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