This weekend, the Colorado Buffaloes will take on the No. 4-ranked Michigan Wolverines in one of the program’s biggest games in recent memory.

While the Buffs are riding high with two huge blowout victories, the best defense in the country and a resurgent start to the season from Sefo Liufau, they’ll need as much firepower as they can get against Michigan. Both teams may be 2-0, but the Wolverines are a powerhouse, a title contender.

The Wolverines are projected by some draft analysts to have as many as five first-round NFL prospects on their roster, which means the Buffaloes are going to need some star power if they’re going to pull out the upset.

Based on their newly released depth chart, that’s exactly what they have.

Elmer Fudd at quarterback tossing touchdowns to 7-foot-6 Manute Bol in the end zone while Eric Cartman protects his blindside? How do you beat that?

Oh, and don’t forget, the Buffs will have the power combo of Bernie Sanders and Stewie Griffin roaming the secondary at safety.

I’ll be honest, though, I’m slightly worried about Lloyd Christmas returning punts, but if that’s the lone weak spot on this roster, I think we’re doing pretty good.

According to the University of Colorado’s sports information director, David Plati, the University of Michigan doesn’t release a depth chart, so the Buffs coaching staff felt they’d do the same. To fill the allotted page in the media guide, the SID Department came up with this gem.

Functionally, it doesn’t make much sense, but, boy, it’d be fun to see in action!