After suffering through one of the longest breaks from football we’ve had, football is finally back, and more importantly, Broncos football is finally back.

In Week 1 the Titans come to Denver to square off against the Broncos on Monday Night Football. To preview this game, we asked our MHS Broncos staff five questions. Here are their answers:

What is the biggest key to this game?

Ronnie Kohrt (@RonnieKRadio): Getting the jitters out as a team. This is a very young team at key positions. Getting the early jitters out and particularly during a night game with all of America watching will be huge. Settle in, play your game, and execute the gameplan.

Rich Kurtzman (@RichKurtzman): The Broncos have to be ready to stop the run. Derrick Henry is a monster on the gridiron and he actually outweighs new starter Josey Jewell, which is kind of crazy. If Denver can keep him to around 80 yards, the Broncos offense may be able to score enough for a win.

Zach Segars (@Zach_Segars): Stopping Derrick Henry. Henry is the backbone of this Titans offense and his ability to run over defenses sets up a play-action attack that was one of the most efficient in NFL history last year. If the Broncos shut down Henry, it will suffocate Tennessee’s offense just like the last time these two teams met.

How do you think Drew Lock and the rest of the new offense performs in its debut?

Ronnie Kohrt: Ok. I think they will lean heavily on the run game and take their big shots in the third and fourth quarters. Denver will have to establish tempo in the trenches to have any success on Monday night, especially with Tennessee’s strong secondary. Run. The. Football.

Rich Kurtzman: It’s a crapshoot in terms of how well they will play. But considering it’s a new system, a ton of new teammates and no preseason; it could be a very sloppy performance for the offense. Drew Lock was been really up and down this training camp too, so hopefully, he starts hot and builds confidence.

Zach Segars: I think they will be good, not great. Lock looked a lot better in the team’s second scrimmage and I think that momentum carries over into Monday night. The Titans defense is talented and won’t make it easy on Lock, but with Denver’s skill-position talent, someone should be able to consistently get open.

Does Phillip Lindsay or Melvin Gordon get more touches?

Ronnie Kohrt: Melvin Gordon by a couple. I believe they’ll have a lot of balance between the two and 25+ as a group.

Rich Kurtzman: Gordon will start and play more, and therefore get more touches. I’d really like to see him catch the ball out of the backfield at least once, and multiple times would be better. It’ll be really interesting to see when Phillip Lindsay gets played because he’s not a third-down back.

Zach Segars: Gordon will get more touches this week in an attempt to justify the free agency signing, but that trend won’t last long as he’ll be thoroughly outplayed by Lindsay. Lindsay will steal this starting job from Gordon eventually, just like he stole it from Royce Freeman last year.

Which Titan player worries you the most?

Ronnie Kohrt: I’m going to go with a wildcard and say the entire offensive line. If Denver loses the trenches on defense and Henry runs wild, the Broncos have no shot in this football game.

Rich Kurtzman: It’s got to be Henry. Although, if Ryan Tannehill gets it going, it’ll be a long day for Denver.

Zach Segars: Derrick Henry. He is what moves the Tennessee offense, and if he gets rolling, they’re almost impossible to stop. He’s also one of the harder players to tackle in the league, and without a preseason, tackling will be bad early in the season.

What’s your final score prediction?

Ronnie Kohrt: Denver over Tennessee 23-13.

Rich Kurtzman: Titans over Broncos 23-13

Zach Segars: Broncos over Titans 24-20