Although there was some consternation among fans and media this offseason, it seems clear now that there was never much doubt John Elway would sign a contract extension to stay the head of football operations with the Denver Broncos. The General Manager and now President of Football Operations just this past week agreed to and signed a brand new five-year contract to stay with the team. And as he’s stated since his first day on the job, his focus has always been and always will be on getting to and winning Super Bowls.

“We want to keep winning. Our goal has not changed and the bottom line is that we want to compete for world championships. That’s what Pat said in 1984 and we’re going to continue that and do everything we can,” Elway said ahead of training camp. “That’s what our fans expect, and that’s what we expect of ourselves. We’re going to continue to work hard and get ourselves in the middle of it. Hopefully, be the one that rises to the top. Our goal and mission has not changed, and that’s to compete for world championships.”

That’s not to say that Elway isn’t grateful about signing his new contract.

“I’m excited about it. I appreciate the opportunity that the Broncos have given me. It’s what I love to do. It’s something I was never worried about. I know everyone else was a lot more worried about it than I was. I knew at some point in time that it was going to get done,” Elway said. “To have the opportunity to do what I do because I love what I’m doing, I thank [President & CEO] Joe [Ellis] and [General Counsel] Rich Slivka, the Broncos and [Owner] Pat [Bowlen] for the opportunity because I don’t know if there’s a better position in the league because of the resources that we’re given. I’m really excited about it and glad to be here for another five years.”

There was never much doubt that the Broncos were going to bring Elway back with a new contract. Now that it has happened, Elway and the team can focus fully on bringing another championship to the Mile High City.