The Denver Broncos didn’t surprise anyone when they selected offensive tackle Garett Bolles out of Utah with the 20th overall pick in the 2017 NFL Draft. His was the name most-commonly associated with the team in the weeks, days and hours leading up to the draft. But they did shock and disappoint more than a few people as several high draft projections fell to the high teens, including two that were available when the Broncos made their pick.

Alabama linebacker Reuben Foster and Miami tight end David Njoku, both who were projected by many experts to be top-10 or top-15 picks, were both on the board as the Broncos picked. Alabama tight end O.J. Howard, a top-10 pick on numerous mock drafts, was still there at 19 before the Tampa Bay Buccaneers grabbed him.

With so much talent available, and so little demand for offensive linemen (Bolles was the first OL selected in 2017), many of those who cover and analyze the Broncos for a living were left wondering if Denver didn’t reach for a player they could have had into the second round. Denver has need at inside linebacker and tight end, and several other comparably rated offensive tackles were likely to be available late into the second round.

One thing that everyone could agree on, though, was that Bolles’ infant son Kingston stole the show.

Here’s some of the top tweets from the Mile High Sports team, as well as some of our favorite follows in Denver sports, as the pick came down.