Paxton Lynch made his first career NFL start on Sunday against the Atlanta Falcons. Although the game didn’t turn out the way they had anticipated, there are some positives to take from this loss. Lynch is just not ready to start in the NFL and that is what Coach Kubiak has known since day one.

Lynch threw 35 times and connected on 23 of them for 223 yards. He threw for one touchdown and one interception in the seven-point loss to the Falcons.

Nate Lundy and Shawn Drotar discussed the play of Lynch in yesterday’s game on Mile High Sports Radio. They both noticed one thing that Lynch needs to and will learn as he continues to mature.

“Look at how may times the Broncos had a receiver open that Paxton didn’t find,” Lundy said. “There were times Demaryius Thomas was wide open. Jordan Norwood got open a couple of times, and not only did Paxton not see him, Paxton didn’t even turn his body in that direction.”

This made it very easy for the Falcons defense to pick apart Lynch and shut down the passing game.

“All you had to look at was what part of the field was he squared up to.,” Lundy said.

Lynch was sacked by the Falcons defense six times. The inability to find an open receiver left him to scramble too many times with nowhere to go.

With any rookie in the league, there is room for improvement. Rookies with determination and great work ethic will learn from their mistakes. Lynch just needs more experience playing at the professional level.

“He’ll get better,” Lundy said. “He will fix that, people. He will be ok.”

There is no need to panic. Paxton Lynch can be a successful quarterback in the NFL after more reps and experience.

To listen to the whole conversation with Nate Luncy and Shawn Drotar, including their thoughts on the defense, click the podcast below…

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