If you were holding out hope that Robert Griffin III might have a rejuvenation in Denver, it looks as if you’ll need to start putting those hopes elsewhere. If you didn’t want the Broncos to touch RGIII with a 10-foot pole, congrats.

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, RGIII will be the latest in a long list of Cleveland Browns quarterbacks.

RGIII, who hasn’t played in over a year, still has the ability to excite fans and scouts with his natural talent; no matter how far removed we may be from his rookie campaign, there will always be those who point to the magical run he went on with the Washington Redskins  as proof of his skill. Even the Broncos have been rumored to be interested in the former Heisman winner.

But if we’re talking about history, then it’s fair to point out that history is most definitely not on RGIII’s side. If there was one organization you probably shouldn’t trust to revitalize the career of any quarterback, it’s the Cleveland Browns, A.K.A “quarterback purgatory.”

Nonetheless, this could end up impacting the Broncos greatly. According to reports, the only other team in legitimate conversations with the 49ers for Colin Kaepernick was the Cleveland Browns. Now that they have their quarterback — plus, they’re likely to grab another with the second-overall pick in this year’s draft — it looks as if they’re out of contention.

If the 49ers do intend to move Kaepernick, and he’s made it very clear that that’s what he would prefer, then their only partner may be the Broncos. And with no competition, that gives John Elway the upper hand in all negotiations.

With how Denver has spent the last few weeks, though, Kaepernick would probably have to agree to a sizable contract restructure before the Broncos can afford to bring him into the locker room. Otherwise, it might just make more sense to roll with Mark Sanchez and his cheap contract, while spending their remaining cap space on players that will support the quarterback position.