Russell Wilson has been dropping dimes all throughout training camp this week for the Denver Broncos, so it’s only right that he’s earning heaps of praise from some of the game’s top analysts.

Most recently, this praise has been doled out by Mark Schofield of USA Today, who ranks Wilson as the eighth-best quarterback in the entire NFL, and the third-best quarterback in the AFC West.

Schofield also noted, he could’ve ranked Wilson even higher, as he writes spots five through eight in his rankings, could’ve been placed in any order. That quartet includes Joe Burrow, Matthew Stafford, and Justin Herbert, alongside Wilson.

“Wilson remains one of the more effective deep-ball passers in the NFL,” Schofield wrote. “While his ACP last season on throws over 20 yards was 40.0% — ranking him 24th among qualified passers — he completed 29 of 75 such attempts for 1,090 yards (third-most in the league) and nine touchdowns, along with just a pair of interceptions.”

Schofield also highlighted Wilson’s special elusiveness as a trait the Denver Broncos will value greatly this season, and states that he still believes Wilson is among the top quarterbacks in the sport, despite a somewhat disappointing 2021.

“Wilson is still one of the game’s best, and his presence in Denver has Broncos fans thinking about the Super Bowl,” Schofield concluded. “Others can, and will, argue he should be placed higher on this list, and I more than understand. Again, this stretch of four is the toughest to stack in my mind.”

If Wilson can return to his elite brand of play, the thoughts of Broncos Country will be well-justified.