There’s a lot of tension between the cities of Denver and Boston. The fans, to put it simply, don’t like each other, and it’s been that way since before Peyton Manning came to town. The Broncos and Patriots may not play in the same division, but there’s a real rivalry there.

On the Broncos end, it’s safe to say that we, the fans, don’t like Tom Brady, and the same can be said for the players — just ask Antonio Smith. And from the Patriots perspective, well, they just can’t seem to when in Denver; the Broncos, for all their successes and victories, are their kryptonite.

So as you might imagine, following one of the most dramatic AFC Championships in recent memory, there was a lot of trash talk coming from both sides. But nobody — NOBODY — gave it to the Patriots and their fans as much as former Broncos legend and Hall of Fame tight end Shannon Sharpe.

Sunday may have been a historical day for Peyton Manning, but for Shannon Sharpe, he may have earned the honor of greatest troll on the internet. And Broncos Country loves it!

Here are some of the highlights:

After awhile, Pats fans started to fight back, including Pats insider Tom Curran, but that only fueled Sharpe’s fire.

From Broncos fans across the world, we thank you, Shannon Sharpe!ย 400x525-broncos