The Denver Nuggets have been in the market for a superstar since the departure of Carmelo Anthony six years ago. Now, reports claim that the team is in the hunt for the next disgruntled superstar that hits the market.

On the latest installment of ESPN’s TrueHoop podcast, NBA Insider Brian Windhorst chimed in on what the future holds in store for the Nuggets:

“Here’s what I know for sure. The Nuggets are trying to be in the market, with the Celtics, to trade for a star player. The next star player that becomes disgruntled and arrives on the market, whoever that may be, obviously the Celtics are gonna offer their 14 future first-round picks nobody wants and the Nuggets are going to scrape together all their young talent. The Nuggets realize they don’t have that centerpiece guy on their team.”

It’s not everyday that teams simply trade away superstar-caliber players, but it does happen. Just a few years ago James Harden, now one of the league’s top scorers, was traded from the Oklahoma City Thunder to the Houston Rockets. This offseason Derrick Rose, a former NBA MVP, was traded from the Chicago Bulls to the New York Knicks. Everyone remembers when Carmelo Anthony was traded from the Mile High City to the New York Knicks.

So, which superstar could be looking for a new home?

The most-popular names remain DeMarcus Cousins of Sacramento, Jimmy Butler of the Bulls and Kevin Love of the defending champion Cleveland Cavaliers, all top-tier players in the league.

All three have had turbulent tenures with their current franchises, and if anything else goes wrong, it could be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

Another player who might want out of his current situation is Kings forward Rudy Gay.

Disgruntled players aside, another player the Nuggets have been linked to in the past is Paul Millsap of the Atlanta Hawks. While Millsap isn’t necessarily upset with his standing in Atlanta, the two sides have discussed a potential trade in the past, and there’s reason to believe the door could be re-opened at the right price.

But, for any of these guys, what would the cost be?

Steep, to say that least.

For Cousins, Love and Butler the price would a lavish one. If a deal were to be struck Emmanuel Mudaiy or Nikola Jokic would most likely have to be involved.

For Gay, the price would drop — think draft picks or low-level role players — and for Millsap, think Kenneth Faried and then some.

The way I see it, moves will be made at some point this season. The team has too many moving parts, with no established big-time talent, to simply keep it status quo.

Yes, the Nuggets have been pursuing a star for what seems like forever, but I think, now more than ever, that the Nuggs are serious in bringing in some big-time talent.

They have solid middle-aged players in Danilo Gallinari and Wilson Chandler; bright young stars in Jokic, Mudiay, Jamal Murray and Gary Harris; and they have veteran leadership in Mike Miller and Jameer Nelson.

All that’s missing?

Ding ding, you got it. A star player to bring it all together.

If a big NBA trade goes down, look for the Nuggets to be involved, as Tim Connelly and Co. have made it clear that they are aggressive in their pursuit to complete the blueprint of their rebuild.