Von Miller and the Broncos can agree on one thing… sadly it’s not a long-term contract extension.

After Denver offered the Super Bowl MVP a $114.5 million deal, Miller reportedly said “no deal” and the Broncos were willing to walk away after a self-impsed Tuesday night deadline.  The reports from ESPN, 9News, the Denver Post and other outlets all cited sources within the Broncos organization, while things were mostly quiet from Miller’s side of the equation.

We did hear from the All-Pro linebacker himself, though, on Wednesday. Although not about the contract process.

At 1:50 p.m. Miller commented on a tweet linking to a Pro Football Focus article, which ranked the Denver Broncos’ cornerbacks as the best trio in the league.

Tagging the Broncos, PFF and his teammate, Chris Harris Jr., Miller wrote “Nothing but the truth CH = Top 10.”

Now, if only PFF could get involved in the contract negotiations somehow.

This is a great sign, however. If, just hours after the bad news about the contract negotiations leaked, Miller is still tagging his team and saying positive things about his teammates, he must not be harboring too big a grudge.

We’ve grown accustomed to hearing silence from players during these kinds of negotiations – especially top 5 percent players – so the fact that Miller is actively giving his team and his teammate props has to be a positive.