If you haven’t watched Von Miller’s “Start Me” music video, please, take a moment and do so. It might just be the best thing you see all week.

Miller is officially back on the football field with a mega-contract to show for it, but his offseason for the ages isn’t over, at least not for us, and that’s great news. Why? Well, because right now, there’s nothing more entertaining than Von Miller.

Dancing with the Stars. Ellen. Saturday Night Live. Oscars.

Over the last six months, Miller has become the most prevalent superstar in our daily lives, and just today we learned that he will be taking over the role of Old Spice Guy this season.

Still, through it all, the best thing Von may have accomplished over the offseason is that “Start Me” music video. And in case you just can’t get enough of it, here’s a look behind the scenes as the making of the video.

Now, it’s time for Miller to buckle down, dominate on the field and earn himself another offseason of Super Bowl celebration. As we’ve come to learn, there’s nothing better.