What does a guy have to do to get some respect around here?

Brandon Marshall — our Brandon Marshall — is one of the best inside linebackers in the NFL, he plays on one of the most popular teams in the league and yet major news outlets like ESPN and NFL.com still have no idea that he’s not the other Brandon Marshall.

Maybe it was forgivable a year or two ago when our Marshall was a little known linebacker, but there aren’t any excuses anymore. It’s time for ESPN and the NFL to get things straight.

Earlier this season, NFL.com had a Jets logo on Marshall’s profile picture — the other Brandon Marshall plays for the Jets — and while that was bad, it wasn’t nearly as bad as what ESPN did on Wednesday.

Really?? Who put that together? Who heard that they needed highlights of two Broncos middle linebackers and somehow ended up with footage of a New York Jets wideout?

Did nobody look at that clip before it aired?

As you’d expect, Marshall was frustrated with the continued disrespect.



Next thing you know, SportsCenter will be using Brandon Marshall’s Twitter profile pic the next time they talk about James Harden.

C’mon, SportsCenter, get it together.